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We would love to share more with you about the benefits of Montessori education. Contact us today to set up an appointment so we can show you around our beautiful school, natural playground, and answer any questions that you have. Please also take the time to read about Sunrise Montessori Academylearn about the Montessori method of teaching and it's benefits, and take a look at your child's future teachers.

If you have any questions about the school or the enrollment process, do not hesistate to call us at (816) 478-1234, or send us an email at

To enroll your child, please open the following document and fill it out.

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Primary Program refers to the classroom that is designed for the three to six year old child. This classroom offers a mixed age environment to offer those benefits described within the Montessori philosophy. There are many benefits to blending these age groups together. In addition to the Montessori curriculum, teachers will emphazise education of the world around them (the students) including the lands, the people, cultures, plants, and animals. Students will learn about these things from various viewpoints during their years in the primary classroom including classification, biome and continental perspectives.

Pre-Primary Program refers to the classroom that is designed for the two to three and a half year old child. This program is designed specifically to prepare children for the primary classroom. The lessons offered in the pre-primary classroom will aid students in developing the independence, social and academic skills needed to be successful in the primary program. Toilet training will also be a goal for children in the pre-primary program to prepare for the preparation of the primary classroom as well.

Academic Day refers to the period of day that a child is attending class, from 8:30am to 3:30pm. During this time each child will be presented with opportunities for individual lessons and group activities by a certified Montessori teacher. Lunch and two healthy snacks will be served during the academic day. The academic day includes a 30 minute grace period prior to 8:30am for drop off and 30 minutes grace period after 3:30 for pick up.

Academic Half Day is the same academic day, but scheduled from 8:30am to 12:30 pm. Morning snack would be provided and student would be picked up just after lunch. There is a 30 minute grace period prior to 8:30 for drop off.

Before Care will be provided from 7:00am to 8:30am. It is during this time that children will receive care and choose some Montessori work or non-Montessori activities.

After Care and Extended Care will be provided after 3:30pm until 6:00pm. During this time children will have snack, then some free time to choose Montessori and non-Montessori activities as well as some time to explore the outdoors.



2017-18 School Calendar

tuition and fees

Program Fee and Schedule

Full days
Primary Classroom



(3 to 6 years)

5 Academic Days




4 Academic Days




3 Academic Days




2 Academic Days





Half days




5 Academic Days




4 Academic Days




3 Academic Days




2 Academic Days




Pre-Primary Program (2 to 3 ½ years old)
Full Day
5 Academic Days            $700/month
4 Academic Days            $620/month
3 Academic Days            $465/month
2 Academic Days            $356/month

Half Day
5 Half Academic Days       $595/month
4 Half Academic Days       $530/month
3 Half Academic Days       $426/month
2 Half Academic Days        $313/month

10% Sibling discount  
Before care (7:00-8:00)           $20/month
 After care (3:30-5:00)               $35/month
 Extended Care (5:00-6:00)      $30/month
Before, After & Extended        $75/month